SEO Is Not Dead. It’s Evolving. Here’s Why.

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SEO Is Not Dead It's Evolving - Here's Why

SEO is dead. Social media is dead. Link building is dead. Everyone wants to tout long-time online marketing strategies as being dead to create link bait. The problem with this link bait is that it is often times either inaccurate or down right wrong. Creating such link bait delivers false information to those who don’t know any better, or just plain don’t get it. As a result they may agree with it, even though it’s wrong. Let’s discuss whether or not these strategies are dead, and determine the real facts and fallacies surrounding these misnomers.

SEO is Dead? Hogwash!

First of all, SEO is not dead. Spamming is dead. If you’re talking about keyword stuffing, it used to work back in 2003. That was not SEO. Keyword stuffing was also not allowed by Google’s terms and conditions at the time, though some SEOs want you to believe it was a valid tactic. SEO has evolved into a white hat process. This process creates a long-term relationship with the search engines. There are still black hat strategies that also work. Google is plugging those holes faster than you can take advantage of them.