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Meet Brian Harnish – Developer, Strategist, Speaker, Author

Brian HarnishAside from the usual traits of being able to build web sites from scratch using the core markup & styling languages HTML & CSS (and graphics talent with Adobe Photoshop), Brian has spent the last 17 years in website design & development, spending the last 8 years as an SEO professional.

So when and how did this whole obsession with SEO start? This actually started in the spring of 1998, the year he graduated from high school. He started learning how to code. In the summer, he took a college level Photoshop class and the rest as you know it was history. He spent his time from then on learning the intricacies of graphics and coding, to the point that he can now code an entire website from scratch if he needs to. Obviously, some tools are now in place to help speed up productivity and add efficiency where desired.

How Brian Accidentally Stumbled Into the Industry — in 2001

One of Brian’s first clients was Cleavant Derricks, an actor, singer & performer who just so happened to be Rembrandt “Crying Man” Brown on the immensely popular Fox TV show Sliders. Brian first met Cleavant via a referral from another existing client who knew him, and the rest is pretty much history. Since 2001 Brian has proudly hosted & monitored the upkeep & maintenance of Cleavant’s official website with the occasional updates (the latest design update is on hold for the foreseeable future). Brian has had a number of clients through the years. However, not every website is still up!

After a Succession of Minor Successes Later, Brian Became a Professional SEO

In 2006 Brian got a dream opportunity – the opportunity to start at a support department in a real estate website design & hosting agency named Advanced Access. Here Brian was able to expand his technical problem solving abilities and develop client relationships. He was promoted several times, and eventually got promoted into the Internet Marketing Department in 2007. Here is where the internet marketing industry just randomly found him.

From 2010 until recently Brian was able to serve as an Internet Marketing Specialist for Bisnar | Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, LLP. As part of their in house marketing team, Brian was able to realize a number of fantastic achievements. He was accepted to speak at conferences worldwide including: SMX Toronto 2012, SMX East 2012, and SMX West 2013. Brian was invited back to SMX West 2014 but was, unfortunately, unable to attend. In addition, Brian contributed significantly to taking from 7,000 visitors/mo to an astonishing 15,000 visitors/mo. In addition to the obvious contributions, Brian was also able to expand his skill set significantly, adding PHP and updated DIV/CSS layout capabilities. His philosophy is “if you aren’t learning, you’re stagnating. So keep learning!”

Philanthropic Commitments & Responsibilities

In 2010 Brian got to realize a fantastic opportunity by becoming an organizer for We’re Going Back, an organization of Back to the Future fans working under the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. They setup a full Back to the Future 30th anniversary reunion. Brian was able to organize the world’s first Twitter cast of the entire Back to the Future trilogy, set to coincide the week before We’re Going Back launched the week of November 5, 2010 (for those who don’t know, Nov. 5 – 12 were the dates Marty was sent back to 1955 in the movie). As a result, Brian was able to help raise $100,000.00 for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Brian has been able to repeat his 2010 successes by being hired back to help with social media promotion of the 2015 30th anniversary We’re Going Back Back to the Future Fan Celebrations. For Brian, it is a dream come true to be on the inside of one of the nation’s most obsessed group of Back to the Future fans.

Brian attended Orange Coast College and finished in 2009 with a certificate in website design.

In his spare time, you can typically find Brian obsessing about DeLoreans, listening to music (mostly Elvis Presley), playing video games, watching movies, and obsessing about SEO on Facebook & Twitter.

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