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Blogs to Follow Regularly

Here are some great blogs that are great industry resources and are immensely useful to follow regularly. Some are personal, some are business, but all of them are about the world of Online Marketing. Matt Cutts’ Blog – If you are not familiar with Matt Cutts, you should be. He is the head of the web spam team at Google, in other words, he is in charge of the team who updates the Google website ranking algorithm. Rand’s Blog – Rand Fishkin’s blog. Rand is the CEO/Wizard in charge of Moz. His blog has tons of useful information about online marketing posted regularly. Bruce Clay Blog – Bruce Clay, Inc. is one of the original SEOs and has been in business since 1996. SEER Interactive Blog – SEER Interactive is one of the top agencies in the country. Their blog is full of great online marketing information. Rae Hoffman’s Blog – Rae is another of the original SEOs. She has been in the industry since 1997. Her blog is full of amazing insights into the world of affiliate marketing and other online marketing topics. Joanna Lord’s Blog – Now the CMO of Big Door, Joanna was formerly a major player at Moz. Annie Cushing – An analytics pro, Annie regularly shares her knowledge about Excel and the exciting world of analytics. Vanessa Fox’s Blog – Vanessa Fox, author of Marketing in the Age of Google, writes regularly about the search industry & online marketing. Heather Lloyd-Martin – She is the CEO of SuccessWorks and a pioneer of quality content writing. She also writes & presents regularly on building the right content that helps your website. Ross Hudgens – The owner/CEO of Siege Media, Ross regularly writes about a wide variety of internet marketing topics from running a business to link building. Justin Briggs – Formerly the SEO team manager at Big Fish Games, Justin blogs regularly about technical SEO, link building, and internet marketing topics. Wil Reynolds Blog – If you don’t know who Wil Reynolds is, he is the CEO of SEER Interactive. He has some amazing insights into marketing leadership and management. Search Engine Land – This is the de facto industry standard blog for keeping up to date on industry trends, techniques, and random information. Marketing Land – Formerly, a massive industry resource, Marketing Land became the sister website of Search Engine Land, and is run by Danny Sullivan. The Raven Tools Blog – Raven Tools are a suite of internet marketing tools for the discriminating online marketer. The Raven Tools blog is another example of fine, high quality content about online marketing. Search Engine Roundtable – Barry Schwartz runs Search Engine Roundtable. This site contains up to the minute news and updates about the search industry. SEOmoz (now known as Moz) Blog – If you are not familiar with the Moz blog, or Moz the company, I suggest getting familiar with it FAST. They are one of the top companies in the SEO space for a reason, and their content is always top notch, high quality, and never disappoints. Search Engine Journal – No solid reading list should be without Search Engine Journal, a comprehensive, regularly updated resource of all things internet marketing. Search News Central – One of my favorite resources includes the no nonsense writing styles of SNC. Featuring a wide variety of SEO news, information, and even more technical articles if that’s your thing. SEO Book – The massive SEO Book site by Aaron Wall, has been online since 2003 and regularly covers the business side of the search industry, and offers technical insight not found anywhere else. SEO by the Sea – Are you curious about SEO patents filed by Google? Bill Slawski covers just about every SEO patent there is on a regular basis. – A massive Internet Marketing content aggregator created by Rand Fishkin & Dharmesh Shah, CTO & co-founder of Hubspot. David Mihm’s Blog – David Mihm is the expert on local SEO in the search industry, and owns, which was just acquired by Moz. Marketing Pilgrim – Developed by Andy Beal, Internet Marketing Consultant, and in existence since around 2005, it has become one of the most visited blogs on the web for Search Industry news updates! Seth Godin – If you haven’t heard of him yet, I am surprised. Seth Godin is a best selling author of marketing books that have been best sellers all around the world.