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The Ultimate SEO Audit Checklist

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White Hat, Sustainable SEO Strategies

My clients in the past have achieved remarkable results in part due to accurate analysis, work production, and final product. By focusing on achieving the achievable, rather than pipe dreams based on numbers pulled from the sky, or from a different site that may not apply to your own, it’s possible to achieve much in SEO.

Latest Blog Posts

The Site Objective blog has been re-built entirely from the ground up. Learn more about SEO, digital marketing, and techniques that help you create holistic SEO strategies that impact your business.

Correlation is Not Causation in SEO

Despite some who believe that direct correlation equals evidence of something in the Google algorithm that rewards a particular action, seldom is a direct correlation between efforts and results observed. This is one of the greatest myths pervasive within the SEO industry. Also, it’s no longer the days when slight changes can lead to dramatic increases in results. More like, cumulative positive changes are rewarded over time, rather than a big leap at once. This is why it’s important to focus on a holistic strategy that creates positive, sustainable results over time. Rather than hoping for a quick-fix. Because that quick fix is never going to come. Just to set expectations now.

Learn About the Depths of SEO
With such a passion for SEO, I guess you could call it my obsession. Bitten by the bug in 2007, I've done nothing else since. It didn't start there, but flourished from my insatiable desire to learn every aspect of web development from the ground up, which I began learning all the way back in 1998.


Site Objective is back with a re-launch and a fresh look! Here you will gain access to industry news, tips, informative articles, videos, and editorials about the world of SEO. You will also find blogs on graphics, web design, and web development (soon!). Stay tuned for more.

SEO - Rankings, Traffic, and Leads

In order to achieve success in SEO, high rankings on the SERPs, or search engine results pages, is necessary. Choosing the right keywords through thorough keyword research, and building on that with thorough and complete on-page optimization is necessary. Earning links will help increase your site’s relevance and complete the puzzle of its question of overall popularity. The boost in rankings leads to higher traffic, which ultimately leads to better quality leads that convert.

Accurate Reporting is a Must

If your reporting is flawed, then it muddies the waters on everything else in your SEO efforts. If you are tracking and reporting on the wrong keywords than what you are using to optimize your site, your results will be skewed and likely not what you were expecting. This is why accurate reporting is critical for all SEO efforts. Get your reporting in line with your SEO, and you’ve got a winning combination. Continue relying on flawed reporting, then your SEO will ultimately fail.

Accurate, Traffic-Driving, Converting Keywords Are Important

At the end of the day, your concern as a business is whether or not you choose relevant keywords that will perform for you. But, research is only part of the puzzle. Building on our earlier equation, if rankings + traffic = leads, then technical SEO + content + links = rankings. Yes, there are specializations. Yes, in some cases focus on one thing more than another can help. It depends on what your site needs to become the best among your competitors.

In the Industry Since 1998

Brian Harnish started in the industry in 1998, learning cross-browser, cross-platform web development by studying HTML, using notepad, and learning graphics with Adobe Photoshop. CSS followed shortly thereafter. His specialty is developing websites from scratch, which has now shifted to WordPress development almost exclusively.


Having worked at agencies, with large, medium, and small brands, Brian’s expertise is honed over many years writing, watching, and working on SEO. Now, through Site Objective, he hopes to share his knowledge with businesses around the world. What is your website’s objective?

The concept of Site Objective’s brand of SEO is about becoming the best result among your competitors. We don’t want to reverse-engineer an algorithm that has more than 200 points that may or may not be considered SEO ranking factors. That would be impossible. Instead, my objective is to give advice that aims to modify the most relevant factors that will help sites achieve rankings against their competitors based on what Google is really rewarding. That is the ultimate goal.

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