Content Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

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Content Writing Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb

Creating 99.9% Similar Content From Page To Page — Or: We Created a Local SEO Campaign That Is Not Going To Do Well In Organic Too

We have all been there. We do a site search, land on a local page, and find that when we browse the various pages on-site that the content has been changed but only with one paragraph. The problem is that this type of content is not valuable. Does it answer your query? No. Does it provide enough information for you to contact the establishment so you can make your decision about what to do next? Usually, sites in this category tend to only do well in local rankings, and will not necessarily do well in organic search.

The goal of any local campaign is to make sure that it does well in organic too. In order to ensure that this happens, it is necessary to target a dual purpose: write content for local just as if you were doing so for organic. Why? Because, by doing this, you will get both the local focus and organic focus. This will help in several ways: by driving local traffic, organic traffic, and increasing your conversions as the result of super targeted SEO. There is clearly a superior benefit to doing content in this way because you get the additional super charge to your traffic by targeting both approaches.