Competitor Analysis Offered by SiteObjective

Competitor Analysis
Have you ever wondered what makes your competitors’ websites tick? Or how they have put together their online presence? Have you often fantasized what you would do if you could beat them in the search engines? With competitor analysis audits from SiteObjective, we can put together a competitor analysis that will help keep you moving forward in your rankings. Our competitor analysis looks at things like:
  • Backlinks – a full analysis of your competitor’s backlink profiles.
  • Keywords – a full analysis of your top 10 keywords vs. your competitors top 10.
  • On-site factors – a full analysis of your on-site factors vs. your competitors.
  • On-site content – a full analysis of your on-site content and your competitor’s on-site content.
  • On-Page Optimization Analysis – what is your competitor doing on-site that you are not?
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