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Search Engine Optimization Content Writing Five Reasons Why Every Business Needs Content Marketing

Five Reasons Why Every Business Needs Content Marketing

From getting that late midnight snack to wiring money overseas, we are currently experiencing an immense global shift in technology. Without a doubt, the extreme convenience brought about by technology is undeniable – which is why online marketing, especially content marketing is all the rage today.

For starters, content marketing is a form of digital marketing strategy focused on crafting and distributing transparent, relevant, and educational content to attract and gain a loyal following. Ultimately, the same audience is driven to purchase whatever product or service you’re trying to sell.

Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing allows you to help your target market long before they even buy your stuff. You might ask, “Why is content marketing important?” Here are five reasons why:

Content Marketing Creates Trust

The more valuable your content is, the more inclined your audience will be to perform whatever call to action you want them to perform.

Some customers find custom content useful, while others are firm believers that businesses consistently releasing content are aiming to build lifetime relationships with them.

That, in itself, is enough reason to venture into content marketing. Who wouldn’t want to get their services from someone or something they trust? One survey found that 61% of US consumers purchased a variety of products after reading recommendations from a published blog.

Once people read your content and they find that it’s useful, they will eventually learn how to trust your business – further leading to a potential purchase and ongoing relationship.

Content Marketing Educates Your Audience

While most companies use different forms of digital marketing to grow their audience, all of these will go nowhere unless your business has a great track record of producing valuable, shareable content. By ensuring that your content is consistently engaging and keeping your audience on their toes, you can easily market your content to whatever social media platform your business has.

The bottom line is, holding yourself back from releasing great content will keep your ideas, well, mere ideas. Why not start taking action and putting them to words and share them to the world?

Content Marketing Allows You to Share Your Knowledge

When it comes to content marketing, it doesn’t matter how much you know. It’s all about how you present that knowledge to the world. By releasing consistent content, your audience will allow your business to have this persona of authority – which will highly likely increase your brand reputation.

Apart from gaining authority and brand reputation, content marketing allows your business to be remembered in times of purchase. For example, someone reading an online content about fashionable clothes will remember the same article when physically shopping for clothes. How great would that be if your business is the one who gets remembered by your audience? By doing so, gaining customer after customer will be a piece of cake.

Content Marketing Fuels SEO

Who wouldn’t want to have their brand name pop up on their search engine results? If you’re one of those businessmen who aspire to up their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game, maybe content marketing is your way to go!

Especially if you’re into releasing informative content (say, how-to’s, reviews, and recommendations), people looking for your niche content can easily increase your search engine rankings. Eventually, the same people who are only after your content information can eventually turn into customers. Another word for this is conversion, which is one of the most notable effects of content marketing. With this in mind, make sure to keep an eye on your market’s most-searched topics, and start creating your content from there.

Content Marketing is Shareable on Social Media

Whatever business you have, it’s a must to have at least one social media account. As you’re in the 21st century, connecting to other people digitally is a wonderful, efficient, and effective strategy.

While Facebook and Twitter are the defaults of social media marketing, why not try to venture into other social media platforms? This includes Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, and whatever emerging website there is. As all of these platforms are free, why not use them to share your content?

Although the influence of social media in content marketing is apparent, always remember that getting your content out there (on these social media sites) doesn’t equate to an audience. This is why ensuring that your content is actually “shareable” is vital in content marketing. Shareability means creating content that resonates with your audience, and creating high-quality content that amplifies its reach across the social mediaverse.

Content Marketing Ignites Social Media Strategies

In relation to the earlier discussion, online content is a cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign. It’s because your content is the one that your audience sees upon landing on your webpage. By creating engaging, shareable, and amplifiable content, you can increase your site’s relevance, authority, and trust in the overall marketplace.

To give you an idea, this content can range from blog posts you share on social media, the pages you optimize, and the words that build your brand reputation online. Whatever marketing goal you have in mind, your site’s content will allow you to achieve it.

Content Marketing Attracts Ideal Buyers

Arguably the start-and-end of all this work, content marketing boils down to one thing – to gain customers. While getting a lot of leads is great, not turning them into conversions (simply known as customers), will get your business nowhere. Of course, you wouldn’t only want all that talk, right? You’re doing business because you want to earn an income, and content marketing will help you achieve that.

What makes content marketing especially unique is the fact that your audience will simply revolve around your niche. This saves you the hassle from entertaining unnecessary leads – that will only lead you nowhere.

Content Marketing Makes Your Audience Come Back for More

Going back to the “shareable” feature of content marketing, providing your audience with consistent, engaging content will make your audience grow some sort of attachment to your brand. Eventually, this allows your audience to come back for more content and articles to read.

To fully anchor your place in the web, you can even assign a specific day and/or time of the week to upload your content. Aside from keeping your publishing times organized, it creates a sense of anticipation for your audience.

Just Using One Foundation of Content Marketing Ignores Long-Term Benefits

With all the benefits mentioned above, it’s easy to see why content marketing is getting all the hype today.

By ensuring a solid foundation on all three pillars of successful SEO, you can gain a competitive edge over those of your competitors who do not have the knowledge that you do.

Showcase your business beyond the realms of the physical world and venture into the endless wonders of online content marketing!

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