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Search Engine Optimization Content Writing What Are the Best Tools for Checking Duplicate Content?

What Are the Best Tools for Checking Duplicate Content?

Because the internet is filled with endless articles, you may come across different web pages with the same topic. Though there’s nothing wrong with talking about similar subjects, it isn’t acceptable to replicate something word for word. In simpler terms, duplicate content is described as any identical body of text that is published on more than one site. The inability of a website to have original writing is already a form of plagiarism. And, plagiarism – from an academic perspective – is defined as having more than  words that are exactly the same as in another text.

Although plagiarism is a minor offense against the law, you can suffer massive consequences. Search engines such as Google have low tolerance for content copied word-for-word. Not only do they have the power to lower your website’s ranking, but they might even take out your website altogether from their search engine if it’s egregious enough.

This is crucial to website owners because most web traffic is collected through search engines, and web traffic is key to a website’s success.

The Importance of Original Content

Another key to making your website successful is by maintaining authenticity. A problem search engines face with duplicate content is that they are unable to determine the original source. You can’t be certain whether they are giving credit to the rightful owner. This has always been a problem – in fact, recently, an SEO content exposed weaknesses in Google’s algorithm – one SEO was able to rank “Lorem ipsum,” text, or dummy text.

The bottom line is that search engines want to give their users a trouble-free experience so that they will continue to use their services.

Original content gives your website natural credibility. People are more willing to credit you as a source, whereas websites with heavy syndication of RSS feeds are often frowned upon since most of their content is composed of “copy-paste” text. While not outright plagiarism when attribution is fully credited and permission is obtained from the author, it is still unsavory.

Life without duplicate content makes life better for everyone as websites are given the recognition they deserve. Researchers can easily navigate through websites to discover other information about a topic. Lastly, search engines provide more resourceful results.

Avoiding Duplication

Just as it isn’t wrong to write about the same topic as another published article, using websites as resources is still acceptable.

Although it isn’t in your intention to copy a certain article, your mind could unconsciously rewrite identical content. To avoid any context collisions, you can access anti-plagiarism tools.

Top 10 Tools for Duplicate Content

Aside from publishers, many teachers and students use plagiarism tools to check if a composition is credible and original. Here is a list of popular tools used on how to check duplicate content:

Search Engines

Though they are likely the least effective on the list, search engines are capable of picking up identical terms. If a document is unoriginal, search engines are quick to point out exact phrases that lead back to its (hopefully) original source.

Turn It In

Created by four UC Berkeley students in 1998, Turn It In has turned into a source of “academic integrity.” Instead of the traditional submission of physical assignments, Turn It In allows students to turn their papers in digitally. Teachers are then conveniently able to use the site’s tools to check for signs of plagiarism.

Aside from plagiarism, you’ll be able to give feedback and enhance a writer’s skills for original concepts.


With over 190 supported languages, Plagiarisma is great to ensure foreign articles bear original content. You can simply copy and paste a body of text into the box and it will check the internet for similar phrases.

Because Plagiarisma is one of the rare websites that support languages other than English, you’ll be able to write original foreign articles and assignments for language classes.


For a duplicate content checker on the go, you can use the WhiteSmoke mobile application. Rather than just checking for double content, WhiteSmoke also corrects grammar mistakes. You’ll be able to learn more about the English language because it explains why a specific phrase is grammatically incorrect.

For those who are interested in further expanding their knowledge, the application features video tutorials filled with useful advice to upgrade your writing abilities.


Although online writing is taken seriously, journal publishings are on another level. As a writer, your reputation solely depends on the work that you put in print. Any trace of plagiarism can ruin your career, which makes it crucial that you know how to check for duplicate content.

Duplicate content is also a big deal with government institutions, legal documents, and other professional occupations. Though ithenticate isn’t free, it is one of the most accurate tools against plagiarism. The prices vary on the length of the document.


For a speedier experience, Unicheck is able to check documents with an impressively average time of four seconds. Unlike other plagiarism checkers, the work you submit to the website isn’t stored.
There are different packages you’ll be able to purchase, varying with the required services you need.


If you are worrying about duplicate content on your website, you can choose Siteliner’s services. They relieve website owners the stress of duplicate content since the tool checks the site’s content monthly.

Siteliner has other functions that inform you on which pages conduct heavy web traffic. It can also notify you on crucial information, such as broken links to assist in a smoother running website.


Although people typically use Grammarly to enhance their writing, they also have a plagiarism tool to check their database of over 16 billion websites.

After a document has undergone the plagiarism checker, the application will highlight phrases that need proper citation. Access to a premium subscription provides an overall percentage of originality, feedback, and grammatical corrections.


Recognized as the original plagiarism checker, Copyscape has earned the loyalty of various companies all over the world. To free users, Copyscape simply checks an article’s context for possible content fraud.

However, premium Copyscape accounts are given a more detailed plagiarism report. Plus, Copyscape provides all-round security by continuously scanning the internet for stolen articles.

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