April Fools: Matt Cutts Returns to Google Search Quality Team

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April 1, 2016
Matt Cutts Returns

APRIL FOOLS. Sorry SEOs…this was Site Objective’s April Fools joke for 2016.

In the latest search news today, Matt Cutts has returned to the Search Quality Team at Google as the Search Quality Senior Spam Fighter. When announcing his return, he had this to say: “I was pretty saddened as of late by the moves that Google had been taking in search. Not very excited. I decided to move forward with a few ideas that I think will help make search spam a thing of the past.”

RankBrain is not going away…

I am implementing a brand-new search algorithm that includes Social Signals. Expect to see it launched next week. It is called “Toucan Legend 1.0”

Links are not going away in the new algorithm. Instead, they will become super hard to obtain and super hard to game. I will make sure of that.

About 6,000 other signals are being added to the algorithm to make it even tougher.

When asked about their opinion on Matt’s return, both Gary Illyes and John Mueller seemed rather indifferent but excited about the future.

Gary: “I am excited. I want to work with Matt and see how his brain ticks. I can’t wait.”

John: “I am pretty excited too. Matt is a legend. It will take some of the pressure off of us.”

Welcome back to the reigns Matt! We have missed you.

April 2, 2016 update: Yep, this was my April Fools prank for today!!! 🙂 I hope I didn’t get anyone’s hopes up!

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