SEO News Recap: SEMRush Launches Controversial Service, and More

SEO News Recap: SEMRush Launches Controversial New Service, and more

Last week in its marketplace, SEMRush launched a Guest Posting Link Building service. To say they were criticized for the move is an understatement. By going against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, they suffered a loss of brand legitimacy, and many jokes on Twitter as a result. Their executive team, however, quickly made a classy decision to remove the service. The CEO personally sent out the following email to customers explaining the situation with these paragraphs (for obvious reasons, the entire email won’t be copied and pasted here):

“After we launched Content Marketplace, we asked our clients what other services they want to see in the Marketplace. Guest blogging was by far the most popular answer. Guest posting is a complicated topic. We flagged it ourselves in our latest research. If done wrong, guest posts can cause manual penalties, but it doesn’t mean that any type of guest blogging is harmful.

Our team made a decision to follow customer feedback and we are proud of them. They found partners who would offer honest, high-quality writing and outreach to ensure our clients get what they have asked for and have it in a transparent, white-hat way.

Earlier this week we audited the first batch of guest posts and came to the conclusion that the quality is not in line with our expectations. In many cases we didn’t like the blogs where content was published. As we were exploring potential solutions, we started seeing negative comments on social media. At the same time as a result of this buzz, we started seeing more and more new orders that we couldn’t properly fulfill. The combination of these three factors led us to the decision to close the Guest Blogging offer and refund all orders.”

June Google Rankings Update and Fluctuations

Barry Schwartz over at was the first to break the news that there may be a potential June algorithm update brewing, although nothing has been announced from Google as of yet:

Others are noticing ranking and traffic fluctuations as Google continues to remain silent about any potential update.

Of course, I will keep you updated as I learn more.

Google Search Indexing Issues Now Resolved

Earlier in the week, Google also experienced indexing issues carried over from the week before. Google has announced that these search indexing issues are now resolved, so there should be no further effects of the indexing bug.

That’s it for the search news recap. Until next time!



SEO News Recap: SEMRush Launches Controversial New Service, and more