This project was completed as part of work goals at ymarketing. All design, development, and SEO completed by yours truly. The site s a testing site for new SEO strategies and techniques. It is noindexed, and content is being overhauled.

Design Ideas for Site Objective #1

The goal here was to use red, yellow, and orange in an expressive way to achieve something explosive. The final results ended up being quite fiery, and were nearly chosen for the previous iteration of Site Objective.

Design Ideas for Site Objective #2

The idea for this project was to tackle a more modern look that was also sleek and minimalistic. This was a template that eventually ended up making it to the last Site Objective revision. It was a great, customizable design idea.

Custom Design for Cleavant Derricks

This custom design idea was done to refresh the official Cleavant Derricks website. Cleavant is an actor and singer most well-known for his role as Rembrandt “Crying Man” Brown on Sliders. Please note: the old design from 2001 is still up.

Custom Design for Portia Derricks

Portia Derricks, Cleavant’s wife, also asked me to create a new design for her website for her publishing company, Jon Rod Publishing. The idea is very pink and high energy! Not bad at all. Website

Meet the wild parrots of Southern California. One of my first large personal projects tops out at close to 900 pages. Learn about the wild parrots and follow photographers Loretta Erickson and Mike Bowles.

Local SEO Design – Reeves Law Group

This site was created to be the local SEO version of this site. The goal was to create a locally-focused design based on colors and functions of the original, and was part of many designs created.

Custom Design – Reeves Law Group

The idea presented here was also part of 30 web designs to be used on The Reeves Law Group website. These projects were a ton of fun due to the immense amount of customization involved.

Another Design for Reeves Law Group

This is yet another design that was created as part of the batch of 30+ mockups that were done during my time there.

One More Design for RLG

Did I mention there were more than 30 mockups created as part of this batch of designs? Sorry…I’m not going to show all 30.

Footer Project for RLG

After an audit, the former footer would not do. The new footer was designed from scratch to be highly optimized & more modern.

Site Objective New Design 3

Another custom design for Site Objective. The intent here was to communicate capabilities and skill in addressing penalties.