SEO Consulting Services Offered by SiteObjective

SEO Consulting
What is your website’s objective? Do you want to increase rankings? Do you want to increase traffic? Do you want to obtain more organic visitors? Do you want to engage in SEO for political gain? Do you want to identify opportunities for e-commerce SEO? Do you want to find a way to increase sales through organic customer acquisition?

We specialize in doing all this and more. With SiteObjective SEO Consulting services, we can help you achieve your end goal.

In addition to website audits, website design, and competitor analyses, we also offer SEO services on an SEO consulting basis. Need all those pages on your website overhauled? Or maybe you want to have your entire strategy overhauled. With 18 years of experience in website design, website development, with 10 years experience in SEO, working with small, medium, and large international brands, you can depend on the expertise that comes with a Site Objective SEO Consulting package.

Monthly and Quarterly Services Come With Our Package

Our SEO Consulting includes, on a monthly (and quarterly basis if you decide to keep your SEO consulting services for this long):

  • On-page Optimization services – We will completely overhaul your website after identifying problem areas in an initial audit. This overhaul includes, depending on how deep you want to go and your budget: content overhaul if needed, coding overhaul (if needed) – focusing primarily on decreasing website load time, SEO overhaul (titles, meta descriptions, on-page keyword usage, internal linking, and image optimization.

  • In-depth Technical SEO Audit – “It’s all about content and links” you say, because you’ve heard other SEOs parrot the same thing. This is not the case. A solid technical foundation of optimization techniques that also includes a complete, technical SEO implementation is necessary for high performance in the SERPs. Our in-depth technical SEO audits include:

    • Complete code analysis
    • Complete analysis of on-page technical factors including:
      • canonicalization,
      • robots.txt,
      • XML and HTML sitemaps,
      • 301 redirects,
      • .htaccess,
      • server analysis,
      • page load time analysis,
      • user experience analysis,
      • content analysis,
      • analysis of load time on-site,
      • design analysis,
      • complete strategy, plan, and execution based on the above analyses
  • In-depth Link Pruning services (quarterly) – Link review, link remediation, link pruning, they all mean the same thing: identifying toxic links in your website’s backlink profile in order to find weaknesses that could possibly lead to a penalty. In-depth link remediation will occur quarterly. If you wish, a monthly review of high risk spam links can also be arranged.

  • Competitor Analysis – Because the SERPs can change much more often than monthly, at least a monthly competitor analysis is recommended. This will help identify linking opportunities as well as other SEO opportunities that you can take advantage of. All competitor analyses identify your top ten competitors and look at a wide variety of factors including:

    • An in-depth examination of your top ten competitors.
    • On-page techniques currently being used by your competition.
    • What your competition is doing in their link profile.
    • What your competition is doing for content.
    • What your competition is doing for their website designs / UX.
    • What your competition is doing for their internal links.
    • How your competition has setup their link profile.
    • How your competition is taking advantage of social media.
    • What you can do to catch up to your competition.
    • A plan that will help you build out your website – on-site, and off-site, in order to beat them.

  • Weekly Link Building Services – It really is all about content and links. And technical SEO, but this service is talking about links. Anyway…link building services will help you identify linking opportunities in the SERPs, and find ways to improve weaknesses in your link profile. Scouring the SERPs for links, obtaining those opportunities that will benefit your site the most, and executing link building strategy is all part of this weekly link building service.

Are you tired of reading? Do you want to move forward with our consulting services? We can help you build the execution of your SEO into something to be proud of. If this sounds like something you want to take advantage of, contact Site Objective today to learn more about the consulting services we offer.