Today You Will Find Me on Search Engine Journal’s Marketing Nerds Podcast

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November 20, 2015
SEJ's Marketing Nerds Podcast - How to Succeed in Local SEO for Multiple Locations

I am excited to announce that today, you will find that Search Engine Journal has interviewed me for their Marketing Nerds Podcast!

Kelsey Jones, the Executive Editor of SEJ and I will be discussing my post from July, The Complete Guide to Local SEO for Multiple Locations. My article achieved over 4,400 reads and over 1,400 shares.

In This Podcast, We Discuss:

Why Good Content on Local SEO for Multiple Locations is Popular
Local SEO for Different Business Locations: What Could Go Wrong?
Link Earning at Local Level for Each Location
Level of Variation into Setting up Local SEO Listings

And much more.

Please be sure to listen to the podcast today on Search Engine Journal!


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